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Mention in the Sunday Telegraph last week, plant a Mistletoe Tree this Christmas! A unique gift that will provide years of mistletoe, food for the birds and beautiful tree for your garden.

Now is the perfect time of year to get picking mistletoe berries for seeding onto new trees! Want to pick your own? Buy a Mistletoe Tree for your own homegrown berries! 

Catch up on an interview I did for talking about mistletoe and Mistletoe Trees (1hr 52 in)!


10 years of Mistletoe Trees! Time certainly does fly. Here's a map to show where trees been homed across the UK from 2009-2019. Struggling to find a gift for someone, get them a Mistletoe Tree, the perfect present!

Thank you to all the Essex Young Farmers for a great show 2017.

For around 7 years now I have been going along to exhibit at the Essex Young Farmers show and it was lovely to be there once again for some great weather and to meet lots of people. It is especially great to see lots of old faces there too and to hear how previous trees are getting on in their new homes! Also a thank you to Gepp & Sons Solicitors for allowing me to decorate their stand with Mistletoe Trees and get business cards out in their goody bags.


Long may this show continue!

Caring For Your Tree

I have produced a short, 3 page, guidance note for anyone with or interested in a Mistletoe Tree. If you are not an already confident gardener, then do look through this and ask me if you need any further advice or clarification!



Please Find the link to download the file below


Happy New Year for 2017




Caring For Your Tree
A short 3 page guide to help you care and look after your tree from planting, to mistletoe harvest and beyond. Please read this carefully before ordering or planting your Mistletoe Tree.
Mistletoe Trees - Caring for Your Tree.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [484.5 KB]

Berries galore

After a very successful pollination in the spring, the Red Sentinels this year have exploded with beautiful red fruits! So I have started experimenting with what we can make out of these small balls of brightness! From juices, crab apple jellies, tasty casseroles and even some crab applie cider - you really can get a lot out of them with their unique flavour.


Your Mistletoe Tree is not only a great gift and a source of mistletoe, think of all the small but beautiful little treats you can get out of these trees as well if you want.


See extra pictures on the facebook page -


Hope to bring you some recipes to try out soon!



Flowering Mistletoe

Male mistletoe flower (Viscum album)

Most people do not realise that mistletoe can be male or female! This is pretty important for people thinking about mistletoe management and for what they might want at Christmas time to decorate their home! Female plants produce the glorious white berries that are so sought after but of course they need to be pollinated to enable the berries to be produced. 


This flowering and cross pollination is not often seen in mistletoe, purely because the flowers are quite insignificant in comparison to most other bright and colourful flowers. The picture to the left is a close up of a male mistletoe flower, showing a number of rough pads that will shortly produce pollen to enable the wind or insects to carry it onto the nearby female plants. A picture of a female flower is below, and is actually smaller and less visually interesting than the male at this early stage. 

Female mistletoe flower (Viscum album)





Thank you to all who came to a short talk on Mistletoe and on my PhD topic in south east Essex this week! It was a great event and fantastic to meet so many lovely and enquiring people! 


If anyone would like to hear more about MIstletoe then I would be more than happy to do a talk for you!


Happy Easter!



SOLD OUT for Christmas 2015!

I am sorry to anyone who has not got their order in by now but I am afraid I have sold out of all trees available for Christmas 2015. I can only accept reservations for trees for next year now! Please make sure you reserve one SOON! 



Serbian Interest in Mistletoe Trees


Magicno Bilje (Magical Herbs), a herbal plant magazine based in Serbia, has produced an article about Mistletoe Trees that is out now. It particularly covers other uses for mistletoe as well as the obvious Christmas decoration use that is common in northern Europe. It is in Serbian if you hadn't noticed but I am awaiting an English copy. Regardless it is great to know people are still interested in finding out more about mistletoe and I hope we can all  learn more from this fascinating plant!


Thanks go to Snezana Stefanovic for getting in contact and wanting to write about Mistletoe Trees and myself! 


For more information on the magazine or to see a shortened online version of the article visit




Hello all, 


I was thinking about where some of my trees go and also how well they grow in different locations the other day and thought it might be nice to have a bit of an indication about where my trees have got to.  


So I have produced this simple map showing where trees have been delivered to and have been on order over the last year. Some trees have reached destinations far from their home in Essex thanks to courier based delivery while bare root. If you are too far away to collect a tree or to get me to deliver it, then reserve your tree now and I will send them via courier during the bare root season (usually December - March). 






Some pictures of my new 2015 stock coming into leaf and blossom for the first time! Such beautiful trees! 

Bare root stock coming in, ready to be planted straight into grow bags with a compost mixture.