A Gift For Life


Have you ever wondered what you could buy for someone who has everything?


If they enjoy their garden, want their driveway to look more attractive, or want to talk about something unique, then a Mistletoe Tree is for them. 


Buy a Growth voucher now and give them the freedom to choose their tree and have it grown for them!


Mistletoe Trees on sale at 'Reg the Veg' in the heart of Clifton, Bristol

City Garden or Rural Retreat


All of my trees are ornamental varieties, meaning that they are generally smaller, with cherry sized fruits that survive throughout the hard winter months (sometimes until January). All of the trees are also on dwarfing root stocks meaning that their overall height is less than that of a typically rooted crab apple. For more information see The Trees page.


Being ornamental varieties, Mistletoe Trees are more attractive, more appealing for occasional gifts and also suit most places. They are not too big for a small garden in a city, or too small for a more extensive rural garden. They can even be grown on in large pots if desired. 


It's a Birds Life


Mistletoe Trees can also help encourage birds to your garden and increase the diversity of your gardens insect life. The mistletoe berries themselves are often eaten by birds (which is how mistletoe is naturally spread) and are usually linked with Mistle Thrushes and Black Caps. In addition, ornamental crab apples also produce small fruits that are important food sources for birds and insects throughout the winter months when other garden fruits have dropped off and rotted months ago.


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