Mistletoe Trees 2015
Henry Webber

Mistletoe Trees


Mistletoe Trees started off as a small hobby selling mistletoe spriggs to farm customers purchasing their turkey's for Christmas. Ever since then I have been interested in mistletoe; how it grows, how it interacts with the ecosytem and how societies percieve, and use it. 


Now I am expanding my ideas and always looking for new ones. I hope my trees make brilliant gifts and provide people with something for life to remember those life occasions.




My name's Henry and I run Mistletoe Trees.


Currently I am studying for a PhD at the Universities of Bristol and Reading, working across a number of departments including Archaeology, Earth Sciences, Geography and Environmental Science.


My research topic is about investigating and integrating archaeological information with precision farming systems to better record and manage heritage assets in addition to understanding complex soil variation in the UK. 


I am always happy to discuss things, business related or research related, and to give advice where I can, so do not hesitate to get in touch. 




Skreens Park Farm - Pedigree South Devons





I also help run the family farm so please do check out our website