Tree Timeline


Year 1 - Trees are bought in as 1 year old whips on dwarfing rootstocks and                        planted in 40lite grow bags with a compost/manure mix 

            - Mistletoe seeds are placed on the trees to begin the germination                              process


Year 2 - Trees grow onwards and are pruned to keep shape.

             - Mistletoe seeds germinating successfully will start producing shoots                      and potentially small leaves depending on speed of growth


               Mistletoe Trees ready to sell now


Year 3 - Mistletoe growth will continue, leaves approximately 3-5cm, plant tree                as soon as possible to let it establish


Year 4 - Mistletoe growth will speed up, forking develops  and bunching occurs.


Year 5 - Mistletoe (female) will likely start producing berries, growth                                    continuing at a fast enough pace to allow spriggs to be removed                              annually.


N.B all of these are general timings, some trees and some mistletoe plants will differ. 


My Trees


I have a range of trees currently growing, most of them are ornamental crab apples that provide a range of colours and sizes of tree to suit you garden.


Currently growing:


Click ‘RHS’ for a link to the Royal Horticultural Society's advice and information about these varieties!


Crab apple – Golden Hornet (RHS)

Crab apple – Red Sentinel (RHS)

Crab apple – Malus Profusion (RHS)

Crab apple – Sylvestris (RHS) (SOLD OUT)

Crab apple – Maypole (RHS and here for more on the ‘Maypole’) (SOLD OUT)


I am also trialling some different varieties and species so please ask if you want something not ont he list above.




The majority of my trees are 4 - 6 feet (1.2 - 1.8m) in height. I have kept some shorter so please enquire about this when ordering. 


Mature heights will vary. On these rootstocks trees will approximately be from 2 - 4m in height and spread about 1 - 3m (variety specific). Trees may be pruned and kept to height as necessary. 



Any questions?

Image Timeline

What does Mistletoe look like as it grows?

Mistletoe berries
Mistletoe seed year 1
Mistletoe shoot and leaves year 2
Mistletoe year 3
Mistletoe after 5 years - ready for picking!